The Faster Times

Andrew Myers writes:

"As prices for Asian fine and decorative arts have proved generally strong over the last several years, we also asked the dealers to characterize the market for their particular area of expertise (or that of the piece, should the dealer specialize in a number of areas). And, finally, we asked them for a New York restaurant pick, one representing their pieces’ area or country of origin. After all, can art not be a multi-sensory experience?




Nancy Wiener Gallery; Nancy Wiener; Indian, Himalayan and Southeast Asian Art.

1.    This Pre-Angkorian Ganesha is my favorite. It is a spectacular sculpture, perhaps the finest Cambodian image of Ganesha known.
2.    The market for Indian and Southeast Asian art continues to grow at a steady pace. One reason for this is that it is still possible to acquire a masterpiece of Indian or Southeast Asian art for a fraction of what a major Western work would cost. Like many others in this economy, the market for Indian and Southeast Asian has slowed, and prices have been adjusted to accommodate the current economy. However, interest in Indian and Southeast Asian art by Indian and Western collectors is increasing, and the demand for high quality works of art is quite strong.
3.    I love Cambodian food, but I mostly eat it in Cambodia."