Gilt bronze
Khmer, Angkor period, Bayon style, Late 12th – Early 13th century
Height: 9 inches (22.9 cm.)

East India or Bangladesh, Gupta period, 6th century AD (40.6 cm)
Height: 16”

Indonesia, 19th century
Diameter: 4 inches (10.2 cm)

Flora, Fauna, and Sacred Geometry

A Timeless Presence

September 10 – 18, 2010

New York City (16 September 2010) – Scrolling foliage blooms, elephant-headed deities beckon, and eloquent patterns map the cosmic universe: these are the makings of a perfect world.  For September’s Asia Week in New York, Nancy Wiener Gallery reveals that life and form from the simple to the intricate are an integral part of sacred Indian & Southeast Asian art, finding their ways from great public edifices into the private settings of devotion and adornment. 


Highlights include:
•    An arresting Pre-Angkorian Ganesha merges the human and the animal into a single pristine form.
•    A Tibetan thangka of Vajrayogini places the red goddess in her double-tetrahedron shaped palace.
•    Emerald and ruby parrots surmount a stunning selection of gold rings and pendants from the fantastic to the wearable.
•    A spectacular Khmer gilt bronze Hanuman kicks his leg like a ballerina, preparing for a giant leap across the universe.


Having maintained the highest level of artistic integrity for nearly three decades, Nancy Wiener continues a legacy as a premiere source of museum-quality Indian, Southeast Asian, and Himalayan works of art and precious objects. Objects from the gallery are included in the collections of world-renowned museums including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Asia Society, the Los Angeles County Museum, the National Gallery of Australia, the Nelson-Atkins Museum, and the Asian Civilizations Museum in Singapore, as well as numerous prestigious private collections.  


Nancy Wiener Gallery is located in the old Ansonia Hotel, 2109 Broadway (enter on 73rd Street between Broadway and West End Avenue), suite 10-18. Exhibition runs 10—18 September by appointment, with an Open House 13 September 11AM—8PM.